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This section was designed to answer some of the questions most often asked about Spanish Shack.

What level of Spanish do I need?

Spanish Shack provides classes at all levels from complete beginners to fluent speakers.

Do I have to pay for a set of lessons in advance?

For face-to-face classes you just pay for each class as you have it. For online classes you need to pay for classes in blocks of five. However for both online and face-to-face classes the first one hour lesson is just £1 and there's no commitment to continue after.

Will I have the same teacher each time?

Yes. We try to ensure that you have the same teacher each class, so that they are aware of your individual needs and progress.


Is there homework set in the classes?

This is up to you. If you have time to study between the classes, the teacher can set you a task related to what you are currently learning to do before the next class.


How do I book a class?

Please go to the Contact us page, fill in your details, and a teacher will get in touch with you shortly to answer any futher questions you have, and can then arrange for you to have a £1 trial class.

How long are the classes?

They can be from 1 hour upwards, although it is more cost effective to have longer classes.


What are the advantages of one-to-one tuition over a class room Spanish lesson?

Learning one-to-one is much more effective as you will be able to practise with a native speaker for the full duration of the class.


Are your teachers native Spanish speakers?

Yes, they are all native speakers from either Spain or Latin America.


Are the lessons entirely in Spanish?

Our teachers try to communicate with you entirely in Spanish. Although this may seem daunting if you are a complete beginner, this is proven to be the best way to learn a foreign language. Anyway, all our teachers speak good English so if you have a problem you really can't understand they can always explain to you in English.


What is the structure of the classes?

The classes are structured entirely to what you want. This can range from conversation only, to teaching reading, writing and grammar.


How do I pay?

For face-to-face classes please pay the teacher when you attend each class. For online classes you can pay by PayPal or by bank transfer.


Will the costs of classes change?

We guarantee that the price of your classes will not rise beyond that of your first paid class for 6 months.


Can I cancel a class?

If you need to cancel or re-arrange a class please give as much notice as possible. Classes cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for.


Can you organise classes for groups?

Yes, we can organise a class if you have a few friends or family members who want to learn together. With more than one student it is cheaper per person.


Can you teach children?

Yes, we can teach all ages, and can tailor classes to match any study at school such as GCSE or Key Stage 1-3. Any teacher involved in teaching children face-to-face will have a CRB certificate.

Online Class Questions


What time are online classes available?

Between 9am and 11pm 7 days a week depending on the availability of our tutors.


How do I pay?

You can pay with PayPal. Once a time for a class has been agreed, you will be sent an invoice by PayPal with a link allowing you to pay.


Can I be sure my card details are safe?

Completely. We never receive your bank or card details - you only enter them into PayPal's website.


Do I need a PayPal account?

No - you can use PayPal so long as you have a credit or debit card.


How do install Skype?

Go to to download and install.


Do I need to use video?

If you can use video that will be better as a lot of communication is visual. However it's not critical so if you don't have a webcam or cannot get the video to work don't worry.


Do I need a headset?

Skype works best with a headset, but if you have good quality speakers and a microphone and can successfully use Skype with these, this should be fine.


Do I need a fast internet connection?

It is better if you do have a fast internet connection. Using mobile 3G broadband can be unreliable and cause the connection to break.

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