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Here is what our students have to say about us.

Antonia,Stratford Upon Avon

"Angelica (one of the Spanish Shack tutors) is, quite simply put, the best Spanish tutor ever! For me, the best language teacher I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by - which is something having studied French and German for five years and also Spanish at a night class in 2012. The lessons are engaging and she always takes the time to make sure you understand, graciously correcting you as you go along in an organic way. The homework is always challenging - Angelica likes to push you to reach your full potential. Under her tutelage, I obtained an A* in my Spanish GCSE in summer 2016 after two years of fortnightly classes. Would recommend time and again!"


" I have been learning Spanish at Spanish Shack for several months.  We have an online class via Skype once a week. After class my tutor gives me specific tasks to complete during the week to consolidate things learnt and to prepare for the following lesson.
My tutor is lovely. Very approachable and understanding. She injects humour into our classes to make learning fun.
I look forward to our lessons and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn Spanish!"

Shona,Leamington Spa

" I really enjoy my lessons with my teacher and they took my Spanish to the next level very quickly.  The lessons are always interesting, and my teacher does a great job of making them relevant to my interests, whilst focusing on areas that I can improve. It's great to have such a supportive teacher, (especially if you are a bit nervous about your abilities!)"


Angel Face

 "Je recommende fortement Spanish Shack à tous ceux qui souhaitent améliorer leur niveau d’espagnol.
Ayant quelques bases de niveau collège/lycée je souhaitai perfectionner mon espagnol oral et Spanish Shack m’a permis de faire exactement ca!
Leur flexibilité en termes d’horaires rend les choses bien plus faciles pour les professionnels qui n’ont pas beaucoup de temps libre.
Les cours par Skype permettent de faire un cours peut importe le lieu où l’on se trouve.
Ma professeur, vraiment beaucoup aidé à progresser, les exercises sont variés et très interessants.
Apprendre une nouvelle langue n’est pas toujours évident mais à mon avis avec un système d’apprentissage aussi flexible et professionnel que ce que propose Spanish Shack, plus de gens réussirait à atteindre leurs objectifs.
A essayer, ca en vaut vraiment la peine!"


Andy, Altricham

" I have been studying Spanish as an interest for just over a year now and my aim was to build my knowledge primarily for holidays. From day one, it was straight into the language and having the lesson in Spanish helps to immerse you. My tutor makes the classes fun, engaging and practical. It works really well over Skype and I like the tailored approach depending on your own learning objectives. The learning material is clearly set out and enables you to brush up your skills after the lesson. You feel like you have moved forward after every session. I’m a big advocate of Spanish Shack and would recommend their services. 

Disfrute de sus estudios de Español!" 

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-19 at
Anthony and Joanna,Bury

" We have been learning to speak Spanish via Skype with Spanish Shack for 3 years. For us the experience of learning via Skype has been extremely convenient for a number of reasons, for example, there is no travelling involved and we enjoy learning from our home at times convenient to us.  The classes work well for us as a couple as we can learn together and practice with each other.

We were absolute beginners when we started and we have found the classes are tailored to our level of learning. More importantly we really enjoy learning Spanish this way and our teacher  is super nice, she is funny and makes our classes fun and engaging.

Learning a new language is by no means easy and learning this way has enabled us to feel confident when speaking in Spain and we have found how welcoming Spanish people are when you at least try to speak the language"  

Angela and Craig, Denton

"We were both complete beginners to Spanish and language learning when we started these lessons. Our tutor is engaging, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. We have classes via Skype and the homework helps us to keep up the practice in between. The lessons are always varied and fun! We would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn or improve their Spanish"

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